Our website has been updated with a cleaner, simpler look, which I’m very happy with. I’m learning to make updates myself, which is great. Wonderful job by Martin Dowman, of Light and Water Media.

John Connor

former minister, Unity of Lake Travis


Martin Dowman our Program manager for LoveLight is now offering web services.  He created the new TLC site and we can highly recommend his skills.

LightCenter.info and LoveLight.info

Robin Goff

Founder and Spiritual Leader, Unity Light Center


I contacted Martin Dowman of Light & Water Media LLC to create two websites that were hyperlinked to each other and matched in style.

First, not knowing much about technology, I was fearing not being able to communicate clearly what I wanted with a professional web designer. Martin made that task easy for me. His pertinent questions helped me to quickly zero in on what my true intentions for my websites needed to be. Second, the continuous process of going back and forth between my input and his professional input ended up being a smooth collaboration. Martin was available to respond to my questions and inquiries by e-mail, phone or in person whenever needed. And finally, just a few words about Martin. After my experience with Martin , I can say that Martin is a warm, kind, reliable and professional web designer.

Looking back at the whole process, it ended it up being fun, flowing and enlightening. I now have two beautiful and easy-to-use websites. I definitively recommend Martin Dowman to anyone who is considering getting a website.

Marika Hicks

SleepBetter, Feldenkrais Austin

feldenkraisaustin.com and sleepbetter.me
The Light & Water Media team has supported me in the development of two separate websites over the past couple of years. Their technical knowledge, friendly professionalism, creativity and support in both the background and look and feel has been outstanding. And, the sites came up lightning fast, getting me on my way to independently grow, add to, branch out and further develop the site without being held hostage as often, is the case with other developers, charging for every change. I highly recommend Light & Water Media.
Clay Boykin

Founder, Men's Fellowship Network

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